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Honley Male Voice Choir, one of the top male voice choirs in Yorkshire

Honley Male Voice Choir goes from strength to strength performing a variety of Male Voice music primarily to entertain and enjoy high standards of singing from the members. Under the direction of our MD Steven Roberts, deputy MD Michelle Sutcliffe and accompanist Jason Hawkins. We regularly perform top class concerts within Huddersfield Town Hall and often with world renowned performers like Lesley Garrett, Cory or Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Brass Bands or other top bands and artists. We take part in many fund raising events  supporting local charities. To find out more about us, go to the About Us Page.

Hallelujah! Singing in a choir is as good for your heart and your head! 

Did you know belting out the chorus of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody is good for your health?

Don’t worry if you can’t hold a tune, scientists made a discovery which says chanting the hallelujahs of the No.1 hit can be as good for the heart as a yoga session.  That’s because singing helps us to control our breathing and regulate our heart beat and pulse. Doctors have also confirmed that singing is good for the brain and helps ward off Dementia and related conditions. And while singing alone is good, singing in a choir is even better, research shows. Of course, Honley DO hope members CAN hold a tune but the ability to read music is not essential. Join Us!

Come and Join Us. Get Involved!



It's never been a better time to start singing in a Choir. It really has been proven to improve Health and Happiness, and its great cameraderie for a bunch of blokes to meet and sing and have a few beers afterwards! (perhaps not the healthy bit!).

But were doing a free concert for you to have a look and hear, with a few local Guests.(TBA). And maybe Get involved

So forget the Karaoke, and singing into the Shower Head and get along and sing with real men! You wont regret it!

Its by ticket only (for refreshement) and you can get these from any choir member, Holmfirth Tourist Office 01484 222444; Gail The Flower Box Meltham, 01484 850771 and The Gallery Cafe, Honley 01484 666144


You dont need to read Music, just like singing and be able to carry a tune!

Come on, who doesnt want to sing in the Town Hall, with great celebrities?


Honley recording for a CD

Honley Male Voice Choir have decided to cut a CD of all their best and most recent songs. This has been done over two sessions with a professional recording company in St Pauls Church, Armitage Bridge, Huddersfield. It's been some time since the choir's last recorded and we wanted to update our repertoire to reflect our current programmes. 

The recordings were be done over two weekends in June. Its hard work doing an all day recording session to ensure the content is the best it can be!  Watch this space for further information when the recording will be availabe.


HMVC appoint new Accompanist


Say Hello to Jason Hawkins our new Accompanist.

Following the retirement of George Marden, Honley are pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Hawkins as our new full time accompanist and organist. We also thank the work done by Michelle Sutcliffe, who moves to the position of Deputy Conductor.  Read more about Jason Here.

Upcoming Events

Holmfirth Civic Hall 01484 358213
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
A FREE caberet style concert to attract male singers to come an hear what we do and maybe get involved. Limited Tickets FREE from Holmfirth Tourist Office 01484 222444., Gail, the 'Flower Box' Meltham 01484 850771 & 'The Gallery Cafe' Honley.01484 666144    

Social & Fundraising

Honley MVC is now a Registered Charity

Registered Charity Number: 1158453


Our Next Main Concert


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